WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK: Proposed NEW Streets, Traffic and Parking Bylaw

By Tasha

WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK: Proposed New Streets, Traffic and Parking Bylaw


District of Elkford council is considering the adoption of a new Streets, Traffic & Parking Bylaw to update and replace Elkford’s existing Traffic and Streets Bylaw, originally adopted in 1994. The proposed new bylaw will update the rules for usage of our public streets in Elkford, and it also establishes new rules around more flexible parking in certain areas, such as the newly constructed downtown core area and the pick-up/drop-off areas near the schools.

Note that most rules concerning parking in Elkford are not proposed to change (e.g., winter parking regulations in most parts of town); however, the language within this proposed new bylaw has been simplified and updated to help
improve overall understanding, comprehensiveness and enforceability.

You can review the draft bylaw here: http://engage.elkford.ca/streets. For your knowledge and convenience, you’ll also find a comparison table that outlines the differences between the existing bylaw and the proposed new bylaw, including explanations for some of the proposed changes.

We encourage you to read the draft bylaw and complete the feedback form at http://engage.elkford.ca/streets before the deadline of 4:30 p.m. on February 16, 2024. Note that feedback will not be accepted through Facebook. Once all feedback has been received, staff will review and consider making adjustments to the draft bylaw to reflect the community's input before presenting it to council.

That’s right—by speaking up and sharing your thoughts through Engage Elkford, you’ll be influencing the bylaws in your community!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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