Mountview Cemetery in Elkford is a peaceful final resting place, surrounded by mountains and subalpine forests. Learn about arranging burials and interments, columbarium placement, fees and bylaws related to the cemetery and more

Mountview Cemetery

Surrounded by the stillness of subalpine forests, and situated at the feet of mountains, Elkford’s Mountview Cemetery is a peaceful final resting place and beautiful spot to memorialize those you love.

Mountview Cemetery is located approximately three kilometres north of Elkford on the Elk Lakes Road. Continue north through the four-way stop and proceed onward from where Highway 43 ends turns into the gravelled Elk Lakes Road. You will cross a cattle gate after about 1.5 kilometres and will continue for another 1.5 kilometres until you see a sign for the cemetery on the lefthand side of the road.

Parking is available along the driveway leading into the cemetery.

Arranging Burials or Interments

Arrange to lay a loved one to rest, reserve a columbarium placement or plan for your final resting place by contacting the Corporate Services Department at or by phone at 250.865.4000.

Our knowledgeable and considerate staff are here to provide you with support and guidance throughout the process. The Corporate Services Department manages the administrative functions of the cemetery, including contract administration, plot information, fees and cemetery regulations. Additionally, our Public Works Department and Community and Facility Services Department team up to maintain and assist with the operational functions of the cemetery.


Fees and Costs