Financial Services

When you pay your taxes in our town, where does your money go? Well, it goes right back into keeping your town clean, safe, liveable and assuring the exceptional quality of life you’ve come to expect in Elkford!

That’s because our Financial Services Department works hard to balance, budget and handle all the District of Elkford’s operating expenses, community programs and services while upholding the most scrupulous standards and remaining transparent, fair and accountable to council, staff, the public and other governing bodies. They also perform long-term financial planning that secures the future financial health of our community. Right down to the nickels and cents, they keep us running smoothly, smartly and sustainably. 

In addition to providing financial guidance and information to council, staff and the public in the financial planning endeavours of the organization, this department is also accountable for revenue collection, grant management, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, risk management, insurance, annual tax sale and statutory reporting. What they do for Elkford is a pretty big deal, even if they don’t like to brag about it. 

It's safe to say that nobody ever likes paying taxes anywhere, but everyone here enjoys the benefits of living in a financially well-managed community. 


In-Kind Assistance for Community Groups

As authorized under the Community Charter, the District of Elkford is committed to supporting community groups who aim to enhance the community through programs, events or services by way of in-kind assistance.

Prior to applying for in-kind assistance, please carefully review the District of Elkford's In-Kind Assistance Policy and then complete and submit the In-Kind Assistance Request Form per the instructions outlined within the policy and on the form. You may also visit 744 Fording Drive to request printed copies. 

For more information, contact 250.865.4000 or


2023 Financial Assistance Grants

Registered non-profit organizations in Elkford can get started on their 2023 Financial Assistance Grant applications! 2023 Financial Assistance Grants can be submitted on January 1, 2023, and all applications are due by February 28, 2023. Download your application, review the grant application guidelines and the policy below:

As authorized under the Community Charter, the District of Elkford supports the enhancement of the community by providing financial assistance to non-profit groups and organizations that enhance the quality of life in Elkford or promote the community when travelling to events away from Elkford.

Prior to applying, please review the District of Elkford's Financial Assistance Grant Application Guidelines and the Financial Assistance Policy. All of the above documents are also available here for download and review. You may also visit 744 Fording Drive to request printed copies. 

For more information, contact 250.865.4000 or