Learn about the process of appearing before council to make a presentation.

Need to bring an issue that affects Elkford to council’s attention? Want to weigh-in as a resident, or a subject-matter expert, on a topic pertaining to an upcoming council decision?

Submit a Delegation Application Request Form.

A delegation must be scheduled in advance of a council meeting and is allocated a 10-minute presentation on the agenda. All delegations are subject to approval by the Corporate Officer.

Delegations will not be permitted for promotions of a private business/group.

Here are some examples of appropriate delegations for council:

  • Raising awareness for municipal matters that affect the District of Elkford
  • Informing council of subject matters or concerns prior to council making a related decision
  • Identifying a specific issue, challenge or opportunity related to Elkford that necessitates a council decision


Request a Delegation

Complete a Delegation Application Request Form and submit the completed form by email to (addressed to the Corporate Officer) by no later than 4 p.m. (Mountain Time) on the fifth business day prior to the day of the meeting.

Note that all delegations are subject to approval by the Corporate Officer. Submission of an application does not guarantee that a delegation will be approved to appear before council, or that the delegation will be scheduled on the requested date.

The Corporate Officer will review and determine if your requested delegation is appropriate for a council meeting. If deemed that the topic can be resolved or addressed by staff or is outside of the District of Elkford’s jurisdiction, we will provide you with advice as to whom to contact.

Note that if you require usage of the District’s audiovisual equipment, you will be required to provide the content of your presentation at least five business days prior to the meeting.