Corporate Administration

Learn about the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), including how to formally request information.

The Corporate Administration Department ensures the effective and efficient overall management of the administrative and legislative functions of the municipality. At the District of Elkford, the Corporate Administration Department consists of the Chief Administrative Officer, the Director of Corporate Services, a skilled Office Clerk and a Communications Coordinator.

Internally, the entire District team depends on the Corporate Administration Department to provide service, support and direction in the areas of council proceedings, corporate planning and sustainability, legislative accountability, strategic leadership, human resources, labour relations, information management, communications and legal services.

Externally, the work of the Corporate Administration Department is manifested in our team’s excellent customer service, council’s transparent governance, and successful inter-governmental and community relations.


Chief Administrative Officer

Appointed by council, the Chief Administrative Officer (or CAO) is the most senior role in the District of Elkford’s administrative structure and the key adviser to council.

The CAO’s responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that council’s direction, policies, bylaws and strategic plans are implemented and delivered
  • Managing the day-to-day administrative operations and establishing standards and priorities for the organization
  • Directing and guiding the senior management team to coordinate their departmental functions with council’s strategic priorities
  • Reviewing complaints and appeals
  • Ensuring that appropriate contracts, agreements and leases are in place with firms or societies that have dealings with the organization
  • Administer labour relations for the District including negotiating, grievance management and administration of the Collective Agreement


Director of Corporate Services (Corporate Officer)

The Director of Corporate Services (Corporate Officer) is appointed by council and oversees the Corporate Services Department, providing multi-faceted support to council and staff to ensure responsible and effective governance under the Community Charter

The Director of Corporate Services’ responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating and preparing council meeting agendas, correspondence and minutes
  • Administrating all Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy requests
  • Bylaw and policy support and processing
  • Municipal election administration
  • Managing District-wide communications
  • Records management
  • Cemetery administration
  • Contract and agreement administration
  • Human resources support and administration
  • Contract coordination and support
  • Providing legal support and advice to council and the CAO
  • Managing corporate administration and communications department staff
  • Administering oaths and taking affirmations, affidavits and declarations required to be taken under the Community Charter and Local Government Act


Freedom of Information

The District of Elkford is committed to providing easy citizen access to information and records online, through direct contact with departments and staff, or formally under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). FIPPA prescribes the rights and responsibilities relating to information which is collected or controlled by the municipality. It balances the public's right to knowledge, and an individual's right to privacy, in relation to information held by the District of Elkford.

FIPPA is provincial legislation that balances your right to information in two principal ways:

  • Freedom of information: Ensures the public body is transparent and accountable by providing members of the public with a legislated access to government records and information
  • Protection of privacy: Ensures prevention of unauthorized disclosure or access to personal information


What Can You Request? And Does it Cost Anything?

Most of the information in the District of Elkford’s control is routinely available to members of the public and is readily provided, typically handled informally without legislative process. We are happy to provide records such as council agendas, minutes, bylaws, policies, procedures and information related to your property upon request.

Formal requests under FIPPA are managed by the Corporate Services Department. A formal request is required for any record that is not defined as routinely available. Note that the District of Elkford is legislatively authorized to charge a fee for certain limited costs of providing applicants with records. If there are costs involved in processing your formal request, you will be provided an estimate before the application is fully processed. 


Submitting a Formal Request

If you are unsure that your request is subject to the formal process, contact us at or 250.865.4000 to inquire.

  • Complete the Freedom of Information Request Form in its entirety
  • Submit the completed form to the Corporate Services Department by email to, in-person at the District of Elkford Office at 744 Fording Drive, or by mail to P.O. Box 340, Elkford, B.C., V0B 1H0, ATTENTION: Director of Corporate Services
  • If there are costs involved in processing your formal request, you will be provided an estimate before the application is fully processed


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