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Application Forms & Fees

Learn about application forms and fees for development planning, building and signs in the District of Elkford.

Planning to build or develop in Elkford? We’re here to help with planning and application preparation! To make sure you have all your bases covered, we always recommend contacting the Planning & Development Services Department before submitting your application.

Select your application form from the list below:

Fees for applications are set by the District’s Fees and Charges Bylaw. You will find fees related to building and development in Schedule F and Schedule G of this bylaw:

*** Disclaimer: Bylaws are provided online for research and educational purposes only. The PDF documents are not official copies of our bylaws and these documents not admissible in a court of law. The District of Elkford will, in no event, be held liable or responsible for damages of any kind that arise from reference to, or use of, these bylaws online. Please contact to request official copies for usage in a court of law. ***

Questions about applications or development planning? Contact us at 250.865.4000 or