District Council

In government, council is a group of elected officials who come together to consult, deliberate or make decisions on behalf of their community. In Elkford, however, our council is more than just some random assortment of politicians that you’ll never meet. 

Your council members are neighbours, friends, parents, teachers, business owners and community leaders. You’ll bump into them at the grocery store, the gas station and out recreating with their families in our beautiful backyard. They care so much, and are committed to doing the right thing, because they live here too—and they also want safe neighbourhoods, affordable cost of living and a bright future for our community.

Elkford’s council members are residents with deep roots in the community who are invested in seeing this place flourish for generations to come. They and their families call our town home—some for generations, and some only more recently, bringing a fresh perspective—and they work collaboratively to resolve issues, tackle challenges, implement solutions and consider all sides of an argument before making decisions that affect our town, residents, wildlife and environment.


Looking for information about the 2022 General Local Elections in Elkford, including the official results? Learn more at 2022 Elections.

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