Wapiti Wildfire Risk Reduction Project: Forestry Cleanup from Summer to Fall 2023

By Tasha

Wapiti Wildfire Risk Reduction Project: Forestry Cleanup from Summer to Fall 2023


AGENCY RESPONSIBLE: Mountain Resorts Branch: Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport
DATES: July 2023 to Late Fall 2023
CONTACT: mountainresortsbranch@gov.bc.ca or 1.250.371.3952


Per Mountain Resorts Branch: Starting in July, the site adjacent to the Wapiti Ski Hill will be undergoing forestry cleanup activities that will involve heavy equipment, delimbing, bucking, mechanical raking and loading taking place on it. Large transport trucks will be utilized to remove debris from the site. 

The purpose of this work is to remove material left during the previous leg of the Wapiti Wildfire Risk Reduction Project and further reduce any wildfire risk. Previous fuel mitigation efforts resulted in materials being left on-site. Read more about that project here: https://www.facebook.com/district.elkford/photos/a.507821902730048/1705875982924628/. The intent is to remove the debris accumulations from the site and have them used in a nearby mine reclamation project (as opposed to slash pile burning).

Mountain Resorts Branch has prepared a news release to remind the community to stay safe while enjoying the nearby recreational trails and making use of Crown land in the project area. The operational activities associated with removing the debris from the site that will be taking place can present certain risks to the public, but by taking note of the following information and adhering to the following recommendations you can have a safe and pleasant experience while recreating in the area.

    Pay close attention to signs posted along the trails or adjacent to the project site as they provide crucial guidance for your safety. These signs may indicate areas temporarily closed due to forestry operations and highlight potential hazards such as falling trees or movement of heavy machinery. Respect these signs and avoid entering restricted areas for you own safety and to avoid disrupting forestry operations.
    Forestry operations involve the use of heavy machinery. Keep a safe distance from any active forestry equipment, vehicles and machinery. As a rule, maintain a minimum distance of 100 metres (300 feet)—or about three tree lengths—from any working machinery or chainsaw activities to ensure your safety and to avoid interfering with the forestry operations.
    Maintain awareness of your surroundings and be always vigilant. Stay focused, especially near areas with active forestry operations. Avoid wearing headphones or engaging in activities that may distract you from potential hazards. If you notice any immediate safety concerns or witness an accident, promptly report it to the forestry contractor or implementer.

By following these guidelines, you can continue to safely enjoy these recreational trails and Crown land while forestry operations are occurring on the adjacent project area. Remember to stay informed, respect signage, maintain a safe distance from forestry equipment and stay alert and communicate.

Stay safe and enjoy your time in the area!

For more information, contact 1.250.371.3952 or mountainresortsbranch@gov.bc.ca.


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