Official Community Plan

Official Community Plan

On May 25, 2010, The District of Elkford adopted a new Official Community Plan (OCP). The new OCP is an integrated community sustainability plan designed to increase the community’s resilience to climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and support the long term sustainability of the community.

An Official Community Plan (OCP) establishes a long-term vision for a community’s future. It describes the community’s broad objectives around form, character and community life and it reflects the ideas and input of participants, including residents, stakeholders, professionals, District staff and District Council. Municipalities in British Columbia are given the authority to adopt an OCP through Part 26 of the Local Government Act (LGA). This legislation stipulates what must or may be included in an OCP. It also establishes adoption procedures. Elkford’s OCP has been prepared in compliance with that legislation.

Elkford’s OCP integrates land use, economy, environment, transportation, community facilities, services, and climate change and creates a broad strategy to direct growth and development while protecting and enhancing residents’ current quality of life. In addition, the Elkford OCP is unique as it is the first in BC to incorporate both an integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy. Both strategies were developed concurrent with the OCP. Collectively, the policies contained within the OCP are intended to provide a degree of certainty for the future of the community.

Detailed information on the plan is available in the background report.

Reports and Information

Section 1.0 District of Elkford Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 710, 2010 with Maps
Section 2.0  
2.1 Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
2.2 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy
2.3 Elkford Official Community Plan and Climate Change Adaptation - Background
2.4 Guiding Principles Approved by Council
2.5 Draft Policy Direction
2.6 Kitchen Table Meetings - What are Citizens Issues, Priorities and Guiding Principles
2.7 Community Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference
Section 3.0  
3.1 News Release - May 27, 2010
3.2 News Release - Background - May 27, 2010
3.3 Newsletter - April 2010
3.4 Official Community Plan Newsletter - September 2008
3.5 Schedule
Section 4.0  
4.1 Columbia Basin Trust - Adapting to Climate Change
4.2 Natural Resources Canada - Elkford Case Study
4.3 UNFCCC - Elkford Case Study